Your Dream Cannabis Club Is Here: Best Social Clubs in Barcelona

Your Dream Cannabis Club Is Here: Best Social Clubs in Barcelona

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Are you looking for a cannabis club in Barcelona where you can relax, vibe out, and meet new people? See the list of social clubs where you can do that.

When thinking about a vacation that includes amazing social clubs or a laid-back cannabis club, what is the first place to come to mind?

You’re probably thinking Amsterdam, right?

Did you know that you can find world-class cannabis clubs in Spain? That’s right! Barcelona, Spain is now home to some of the most laid-back and relaxing cannabis clubs around the world. 

Interested in learning more? Keep reading to learn all about what makes Dragons Chamber Club the best cannabis club you can find in Barcelona. 

The Low Down on Cannabis Clubs in Spain

Cannabis clubs in Spain are a breed all their own. They are exclusive places where locals blend amongst tourists, sharing a common love for marijuana and a good time. 

The laws around marijuana use in Spain can be confusing, but smoking at a club is one way to be sure to follow the rules. These social clubs are a way to legalize the consumption of marijuana without commercializing it. 

Because of this mindset, they are not like a typical club where mainstream preferences take over. Instead, people who truly enjoy a good time with quality weed can relax, keeping the vibe authentic and fun. 

Unlike the well-known coffee shops in parts of the world like Amsterdam, you cannot stop by to buy cannabis products to take home or out to the park to enjoy. Instead, members of cannabis clubs in Barcelona enjoy their products on site.

The social clubs in Spain are perfectly designed lounges because people are meant to stick around. They want to get to know the other people that are partaking in the activities. It is a safe and fun place to learn from the knowledgeable staff and make new friends. 

What Makes a Cannabis Club Great?

People go to cannabis clubs because they are looking for a place where they can be themselves and unwind while indulging in the positive feelings of marijuana.

It is not legal to buy or sell cannabis products in Spain, but it is legal to consume them in private spaces. This is why travelers need a membership to a great cannabis club when they come to Barcelona.

The right vibe makes a club great for adventurous travelers who want to meet other open-minded people to create memories with. 

Let our experts provide you with a quality experience with a great ambiance.

Here are a couple of things any great cannabis club must-have:

Knowledgeable Budtenders 

When people go to a cannabis club they are expecting to be around others who have a passion for marijuana. The best clubs will have expert staff to help their patrons learn about the strains they have to offer.

One person might want to have a high-energy night and plenty of laughs. But their friend might be looking for a laid-back night filled with chill, intimate moments.

Only an educated budtender will be able to recommend the right products for each type of mood.

Plenty of Lounge Space

A lounge area that has plenty of space for people to relax on their own level is a big part of a top-notch club. There also needs to be plenty of space for mingling and socializing. People go to clubs in Spain to be able to experience a world-class atmosphere. 


Live DJs, private events, tasty drinks, and wifi are just some of the fun things included in your membership with Dragons Chamber Clubs.

There is always a reason to come and hang out. Feel free to show up solo with a laptop for a creative space to get some work done. Or, meet some friends to enjoy a sports game with food and high-quality cannabis. 

Dragons Chamber Club

Dragons Chamber Club is a members-only cannabis club . Their space is perfect for a private night with your head in the clouds. 

Visitors must request an invitation to join the club. You can do that through our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and send us a message to get your invitation.

You must be 21 or older to become a member of Dragons Chamber. 

Social Club

The social club is a great way to meet travelers from all over the world who want to make memories that are wild and fun. 

The social club is more than just an average bar or lounge experience. Here you will be guaranteed to enjoy the nightlife that can’t be compared to anywhere else. They will even arrange to pick you up from the airport or your hotel. 

Keep in mind social clubs in Barcelona are different from coffee shops that are the norm in Amsterdam. You cant purchase marijuana from the social club and take it home. Instead, you can enjoy the products in the lounge with other cannabis enthusiasts. 

Cannabis Club 

The Dragons Chamber Cannabis club is Barcelona’s best cannabis club to hang out at. They are experts in their industry and work hard to make sure their club is a discrete place where international travelers can be themselves. 

There are some rules to know if you plan to be a member of any of the cannabis clubs in Spain, but they are fair and simple to make sure all of our international travelers can have a safe and laid-back time. 

Here are the rules to follow for Dragons Chamber Clubs:

  • Bring a valid ID/passport/drivers license
  • Save a picture of your membership card
  • Don’t show up with a group without prior notice
  • Don’t bring any luggage
  • Don’t ask for discounts or freebies
  • Listen to the staff
  • Don’t wait outside the club
  • Be respectful and discrete

Become A Member at Dragons Chamber

Now that you know how to become a member of a cannabis club, what are you waiting for? If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, be sure not to miss this once-in-a-lifetime club experience. 

Send Dragons Chamber Club a message to become a member before your trip to Barcelona. We will respond with an invitation so you can be ready to enjoy the perks of membership well before you arrive. 

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